Welcome to TargetPRO!


TargetPRO 6.0 is nearly ready for beta testing. It will be renamed to TriggerEventPRO and will have:

  • Improved modularity, flexibility and in many ways feels simpler
  • Unity 4.3+ undo and multi-object-editing support
  • 2D support!!

The name change will not require a new purchase. If you own TargetPRO, it will be a free upgrade. However, this is a major version still and will require some updates to work with an existing project

Overview and User Documentation

Get an understanding of how TargetPRO works. This section covers all the major components and user interfaces as well as basic event/delegate information.

Example Files

Example files are included in the Unity asset package. To choose not to install these files, simply uncheck the box during import in Unity.

Code Reference

The Code Reference section contains all the information you need to write scripts which utilize TargetPro's many features.